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Car Rental Insurance

Insurances included

a) Third party liability

b) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess amount depending on car group

c) Theft (TP) and Fire (FP) Protection


Insurances not included and have an extra cost

a) Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

b) Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) reduce the excess amount

c) Tire Insurance (TI)


Insurance Policy

Groups C.D.W. Cost C.D.W. Excess amount
SCDW Cost (Buy & reduce the excess amount) SCDW Excess Amount
Tire Insurance
A, B, C Free 650€ 10€ daily 150€ 5€ daily
D, E, G Free 850€ 12€ daily 200€ 10€ daily
H, E1, K Free 1200€ 18€ daily 250€ 15€ daily
F, F1, J1, K1, K2 Free 1400€ 18€ daily 300€ 25€ daily
Van Cargo, L Free 1800€ 40€ daily 500€ 35€ daily